Sheffield's official MLH hackathon.


18+, teams of 1-4 participants. Students, or those who have graduated after 19th March 2015.

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$814 in prizes

Best Hack - First Place

LIFX Colour Smart Lightbulb

Best Hack - Second Place

Raspberry Pi 3

Best Hack - Third Place

Arduino Sunfounder Kit

SkyBet's Best Idea Prize

Genuino Starter Kit

OAK Group Prize

Kuman K6 RFID Starter Learning Kit

Chersoft's Best Use of Geospatial Data

Hubsan X4 H107D FPV Quadcopter with Camera

Databowl's Best Use of Data (2)

DBPOWER X101C FPV RC Drone's Best Domain Name Goodie Bag, plus Sparkfun Redboard

AWS' Best Use of AWS

External HDD

Funniest Hack

It's a mystery.

Devpost Achievements

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Dr Gordon Fraser

Dr Gordon Fraser
Senior Lecturer - University of Sheffield

Prof Fabio Ciravegna

Prof Fabio Ciravegna
Professor of Language and Knowledge Technologies - University of Sheffield

Gregor Engelmann

Gregor Engelmann
Major League Hacking

Conor Restall

Conor Restall
Sky Betting and Gaming

Hasan Ali

Hasan Ali

Ollie Brennan

Ollie Brennan

Judging Criteria

  • Both Idea and Implemention

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